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The Value of Assessments

We all know that it’s critical for every hire to be the right hire. You cannot afford to make mistakes, as this person will have an important role on your team, and the costs of bringing in and training them are high.

When your company is forced to replace an employee, the direct and indirect expenses can add up to anywhere from 30 to 200 percent of that that person’s salary.


Recruiting the right employees, and then managing them once they’re on board, can be difficult. It’s imperative that you choose candidates who will best fit into your organization, and then provide them with everything they need to become productive, happy employees. As time goes on, your top performers become even more valuable, both to you and your competition.


Because of this, large and small companies are expanding their use of employee evaluation tools in order to identify high-potential talent, set performance goals, and develop interpersonal and leadership skills.

In fact, 75 percent of high-performing companies can directly attribute positive changes in profitability and revenue to their assessment strategies.

In addition, assessments provide information to help create individualized performance improvement plans, while also serving as powerful indicators to identify and develop future leaders, and cultivate a rich pool of talent for building organizational success. As employees move higher in the organization, we analyze skills, personality characteristics, interests, motivation, and potential for continued growth.

In short, assessment tools help you


  • Hire the right people

  • Integrate employees into the organization more effectively

  • Reduce employee turnover

  • Increase employee satisfaction and productivity

  • Strengthen strategic workforce planning

  • Improve team performance

  • Develop a model for succession planning


We can custom-tailor a package of tools with your needs and budget in mind.

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