Transitioning Your Career

Career Transition


Are you looking for a new opportunity? Or for a chance to move up in your current company? Maybe you’re starting to think that your career isn’t going in the right direction, or maybe you aren’t even in the right field. HireResources career coaching focuses on getting you from where you are now, to where you want to be.


Ask yourself


  • ​Are you unsure about what to do next in your career?

  • Do you have a career goal that has been just out of reach and needs to get moving again?

  • Are you submitting resumes or going on interviews with no job offer in hand?

  • Do you want to know what employers and recruiters are looking for before you apply or go on that interview?


HireResources can help:


Corporate downsizings are sending thousands of unprepared candidates into the job market each month, and many are looking for a job for the first time since college. Add to the mix new graduates trying to start their careers amid rising unemployment, and the candidate pool is flooded. After many years of successfully placing individuals in companies – from start-up through Fortune 500 – we have the expertise needed to help you increase your visibility in the marketplace and successfully navigate your career transition. A member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, HireResources has a CPRW on staff, and will help you develop a plan of action specifically focused on your goals.


Areas of expertise


  • Identifying career goals

  • Developing your personal brand and creating a marketing campaign

  • Researching target companies and industries

  • Networking the "right way"

  • Preparing for interviews

  • Staying motivated and organized

  • Negotiating and closing the offer



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