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Lets get you started


Welcome to our team!

Lets get you started. The first thing you will need to do is get access to our Jobs page.


This is a secure webpage that we post all the roles for our SourceOwls to work on.


Please bookmark this site: www.hireresourcesllc.com/jobs 


When you're on the site (www.hireresourcesllc.com/jobs

Next to "New to this site" Click "Sign up" 

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We recommend using the "Sign up" button not Facebook or Google





Once you sign-up your request is received we will then need to approve access. This could take up to 24 hours. 


Once Approved you will receive an email from us, to log-in go to the page you book marked above and log in using your email and password. 




You can now view our open jobs.


Next, let's walk through how to submit your candidates. 

Once you are logged into the job portal, you will see all the jobs listed within job pods. These pods will provide you with all the required information to start your search. 

Job Pods

We value your time and recommend you email the Account Manager before working on a search assignment to ensure the role is open and they are accepting candidates. 


Job Questionnaire  
This is the document you will fill out when interviewing candidates. It acts as an interview guide. Please make sure you answer all the questions when submitting candidates.

Asking questions

Asking Questions: 
Please email the Account Manager before working on a new job. This will ensure we are looking for additional recruiters to work on the role. The Account Manager will not engage new recruiters if the role is well covered. 

Also, please feel free to follow up with the Account Managers after you submit a candidate for feedback.
Look for update stickers on the jobs too! 

Submitting Candidates

Send Resumes in Word or PDF files only
Use this copy in the email message. 
Attached the questionnaire & Resume 

Email Subject: Resume submission, Job Title, Your Name


Email Body: 

Account Managers Name,


I’m submitting Joe Anyone for the Job Title at Clients Name.


Please review the candidates resume and questionnaire attached and let me know if you should have any questions.


If the candidate is not a match, please provide me with any feedback that will help me find the right match for this client.


Also, if the candidate is a match kindly keep me posted on the submission and interview process.


Thank you!


Your Name

Your contact details

 You are done!
Remember we do keep track of the quality of your submissions.
Below is a good checklist to ensure your candidates are qualified. 
  • Does my candidate …
    • have a well tenured background? 
    • match the job requirements ​
    • have all the required experience listed within the job description & questionnaire? 
    • list all their experience on the resume? Or should I work with the candidate to ensure they are all listed? 
    • list notable accomplishments on the resume! 
    • have a well formatted resume 
    • have any grammar or spelling errors on the resume? 
Going through this checklist will ensure you send quality candidates! 
Now it's time to do some candidate sourcing!