Evaluation and Succession Planning


At HireResources, our goal is to help your organization understand what it takes for your leaders to be successful. From personality traits, to unique behaviors, to specific skill sets and experiences, we utilize a range of techniques, including assessment tests and behavioral interviews to assess leadership teams and organizational culture, in a range of critical strategic business environments. Using our CNQP™ modeling, we generate and decipher a detailed picture of an organization’s culture—either as it is now or as dictated by the organization’s strategic plan—and the fit of leaders for that culture.













Assessing “Bench Strength”


As with our executive recruiting engagements, we help leaders define their roles in accordance with the strategic goals of the organization, while also helping them develop the competencies needed to perform successfully. We then assess these individuals at the appropriate levels who have the desired experience and competencies in order to create “bench strength”  parameters for use in recruitment, development and succession needs.

Leadership Team Evaluation and Succession Planning


A healthy succession planning process is necessary for an organization to maintain its momentum when key leaders depart or retire.  Intellectual capital is retained within the company, and morale and culture are strengthened.


We work with senior management to optimize the succession planning process for critical leadership positions. By becoming immersed in your organization, we understand the key elements that drive your success, and then review the current succession planning process for each role, to ensure that it conforms to best practices and the specific needs of the company. We are able to make specific recommendations for improvement and help clients implement the entire process. 

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