The Only Thing More Powerful than a Big Idea is the Team That Can See it Through

Team Coaching

Teams are vital to every type or organization, regardless of size or industry, in order to improve productivity and performance. The power of a team can be extraordinary and the results can be great for all those involved. However, in order for this to remain true, it’s important that each player perform successfully, while the team as a whole works towards achieving big picture goals. Our coaching provides your team the ability to see itself in action, identify patterns, attitudes and behaviors that make the team successful, while also recognizing traits that detract from cohesiveness. Coaching is done during the course of real meetings, so you can make progress on your initiative while your team makes progress on its performance.


Team Building vs. Team Development


Team building typically involves team members participating in activities that strengthen bonds and communication.  While this is important, team coaching focuses on development. With our team development program, the group is doing actual work with the coach present. The coach intervenes as appropriate to build awareness, support the team’s growth and improve performance in real time.  We facilitate openness and work to make sure that team members truly understand each other’s roles and concerns.


What is the Team Coaching Process?


Like gears, it’s essential that individual team members function together. Before the initial session, each team member is asked to complete an intensive assessment profile, which provides important information to help all stakeholders see a clear picture of the team dynamics. As coaches, we start by helping each person understand themselves and their coworkers as leaders and contributors to the team. From there, we come to an agreement on what the team wants to achieve and chart a path to success - including goals, roles, purpose, talent, accountability and trust.



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