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Meeting Talking Points 

Some things to think about when being a meeting anchor. 

  1. Do a roll-call - who is on the call this week? 

  2. These calls are meant to be conversational so let everyone have a turn. Call on each Member to allow them to give an update on the roles they are working on each week. 

  3. Ask Members how they are making out with the roles within the group. 

  4. Identify Members that would like to work on specific roles within the group. 

  5. Talk about what Members have done since the last meeting to identify candidates. 

  6. Discuss any submissions and talk about our successful metric levels: 

    1. 2 new client interviews requests per week

    2. 4-6+ new client submissions per week

Some recommendations on topics to talk about each week: 


  1. Talk about the clients and jobs we are currently recruiting that fall within the group's specialty. 

  2. What is the team seeing as a roadblock to get submissions to the jobs in the group? 

  3. Discuss keywords that everyone is using to uncover qualified candidates? 

  4. Create a list of companies that are good for sourcing candidates. 

  5. Discuss the various tools the team is using to generate candidates. 

  6. Make sure all the jobs are being covered and identify Members that have bandwidth to work on additional roles. 

  7. Identify any Members working on too many roles at once, and give them more focus. 

Some recommendations on topics to talk about each week: 



Making every meeting count is why we are united as a team! 

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