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Great to have you on our team! 

Getting Started - Checklist:

  • Set up your HireResources email on phone, web-mail, and/or Outlook. 

  • Your Bio (Refer to our website and view what others have written)

  • Professional Photo 

  • Go to our website and ask to be a part of the HireResourcs “Dashboard” - details below.

  • Send us a Gmail email address so we can share Google documents together.

  • Add HireResources to your LinkedIn page.

    • When doing, so please make sure you spell HireResources as one word and select the logo with our blue symbol as seen on our website.

    • Also, make sure you advise your network you have a new career association with HireResources

First step, getting into your HireResources web-mail account:

To get into web-mail use this link: https://secure.readyhosting.com/secure/login.bml?showWebmailTab=1

Detailed instructions on how to set-up email on your phone and Outlook are located on our Dashboard, Getting started page.

Your email address is email address: first.lastname@hireresources.io

Password: As given in Welcome email  (Email passwords are case sensitive)

We will be sending you invites for Ziprecruiter and Workplace. You will receive these invites in your HireResources email soon. 

Second step is getting access to our Dashboard: 

You MUST have access to your HireResources web-mail account before moving to this step. 


To get approved for access to the Dashboard click "Login/Sign up, below in the blue box located at the bottom of our websites home page.

Note: After you sign-up HireResources MUST approve you before access is granted.

Once approved, you will then have access to the Dashboard, you will receive an email from the system. 

In order to gain access to the Dashboard, we must approve first.

You will receive an email when this happens.

Once approval is received, to access the dashboard navigate to our home page, www.hireresourcesllc.com and click on the blue box illustrated below  "Login/Sign up" (Bottom of the page)

Please join our weekly team meetings! 

Our Weekly Meeting Schedule is located at: www.hireresourcesllc.com/masterschedule


Contact Us


(203) 360-2501

Monroe, CT 

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