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A survey of companies, who were questioned as to why they did not hire a qualified candidate, resulted in the following reasons:

 1.        Poor personal appearance

 2.        Lack of interest and enthusiasm

 3.        Over-emphasis on money

 4.        Criticism of past employers

 5.        Failure to have good eye contact with interviewer 

 6.        Limp, “dead fish” handshake

 7.        Late for the interview

 8.        Failure to express appreciation for interviewer’s time

 9.        Does not ask enough detailed questions about position

10.       Lacks sufficient detail when responding to questions asked by the interviewer

11.       Overbearing, over-aggressive, conceited “know-it-all” complex

12.       Inability to express oneself clearly

13.       Lack of planning for career and no purpose or goals

14.       Lack of confidence, ill at ease

15.       Lack of factual information

16.       Lack of manners, courtesy

17.       Lack of maturity

18.       Lack of vitality

19.       Indecisive

20.       Merely shopping around

21.       Cynical

22.       Lacks a strong work ethic

23.       Intolerant

24.       Inability to take criticism/not open to being mentored

25.       High pressure type

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