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Connect, engage and retain Financial Services talent.


Gain access to the very best Financial Services talent through HireResources. As one of the top suppliers of talent in North America, we bring niche-recruiter expertise and large-enterprise capabilities.

Successful producers rarely, if ever, search job sites or post their information as a candidate! They have their “Nose to the grindstone”, doing the best they can for their company, they are not thinking about another position... Fact is, in order to catch the interest of industry leading talent, it is necessary to have an executive recruiter who can Identify them, influence them, and create enough interest to schedule a formal introduction.

That's where we come in...


Our searches come with a no-risk 100% satisfaction Guarantee period. 

We are that confident we will deliver quality results. 

Types of candidates we provide:

Direct Financial Product Marketing:

  • Advanced Planning

  • Family Office - Wealth Management

  • Financial Advisors

  • Private Wealth Management

  • Premier Client Services

  • Private Banking Management

  • Private Client Managers

Asset Management:

  • Director of Investment

  • Portfolio Management

  • Real Estate Asset Management

  • Investment Manager 

Intermediary Financial Product Wholesalers: (Independent, Banks, Regional & Wirehouse - Wholesalers (Multiple Investment Products distribution)

  • Financial Product - National Sales Management

  • Financial Product - Regional Sales Management

  • Financial Product sales

  • Asset Management 

  • Mutual Funds

  • Managed Money

  • Insurance Product

  • Trust Services

  • Retirement Products (401k, 403b, 457, IRA)

Internal sales support:

  • Internal sales desk management

  • Intermediate sales support desk

       And many more ...

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HireResources understands you have high expectations & we do too. The foundation of our business is in offering a solid, expert approach to career management through a personalized, hands-on method. 

Our team members are experts in recruiting top professionals, with the experience you desire to grow your business. They are also dedicated professionals that will go the extra mile for their clients.

Why HR
What type of Financial Services candidates do you need? 
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Our Reach, 

Dedicated recruitment professionals building massive relationships with highly qualified and competency tested candidates everyday. 


Competency Tested Candidates, 

Every candidate is thoroughly tested and those test results are then provided to you.  If you prefer your own test or questions, customization is offered. 


Tap into a highly tenured exclusive recruiting community across the country. Our recruiters are seasoned professionals that have been highly vetted.  


You win, 

No risk agreements 


Ease of doing business 

20 years in recruitment 

Results are Guaranteed 



We understand that choosing the right person to work for your organization is a very important decision.


Making a bad hire is very costly while hiring the "right" person can excel your goals and complete initiatives on-time and under budget. 

Access to top Financial Service talent 

Our expansive network ensures that we always have a pipeline of qualified candidates available for your open roles.


Quality Commitment  

We take the time to get to know your company's unique culture and goals, while also conducting thorough screenings and skills assessments.



Whether you need a National Sales Manager or you need to build out an entire distribution team we have you covered. 

Our Process

Our Process 

AdobeStock_88538986 (1).jpeg










Your account is handled by a dedicated Senior Managing Director. This will provide you a single point of contact, more precision results, and a better understanding of your requirements.  

All new job assignments are fully analyzed to optimize our results. We do not just send you paper, we fully understand the role and requirements before entering a search. 


Screening, Vetting, Referring: 

HireResources professional recruiters will mine through tens of thousands of potential matching candidates and narrow this universe to a few hundred to screen and vet through.


Based on your requirements (Geo targeting, Skills, Culture, etc.) we will interview only the finest candidates for the role. Once this vetting is complete we refer the best matches for the job. 



You are in total control of who you interview and hire. HireResources works with you to coordinate the interviewing process with your organization.


We understand you will not compromise and it's our commitment to give you the best candidate choices.  

We are here to serve you!



Once you have narrowed down to a finalist and an offer is accepted, the placement is made.


Our goal is to provide you with quality candidates and our transparent agreements come with a candidate term Guarantee to offer additional protection. 

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