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Our Recommended Activity Levels 


Activity equals success:


Our recommendation in the start up process is at least 5+ submissions per week.


Once you are acclimated to our platform you should set your goals at 7 or more candidate submissions to clients

You should select 2-3 positions at a time. We have found recruiters that take on more struggle to get submissions out. Learn the clients and roles, get some submissions and then take on more assignments. 

Your goal should be to get 3-4 candidates or more sent out to each client. This will insure success and maximize your earning potential. 

The goal is to have no less than 2 or more new client interview requests each week. This will insure your candidate interview pipeline is robust. 

How do you reach these weekly goals? 

  • Work minimum 8 hours/day

  • Make call attempts during the day, evening and w/end

  • Attempt to connect to candidates via LinkedIn as well

  • Document all activity in Zoho per candidate is a must


Pre-qualification means:

  • Check work authorization (if fits job opening)

  • Assess candidates communication and attitude

  • Verify experience matches candidate’s resume

  • Verify location and if willing to relocate (if needed)

  • Ask about compensation requirements 

  • If resume is not updated or missing information – ask to provide an updated version and upload this version into Zoho

  • Assess if candidate is truly interested in job opening!! (document if you sense any issues)

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