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Contest rules and form

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The most first interview requests in November 2020 contest.


WIN up to $300.00 towards indeed! 

The Member with the most first candidate interview requests wins.


  • You must add all the candidates into Zoho 

  • Candidates must be submitted to the client and the interview requested during the contest month. No rollovers 

  • You must have ownership of the candidate

  • The form below will need to be completed no later than 5 days after the month end. We will not accept late entries

  • If we do not receive your entry's you are disqualified 

  • We will award credit on or before two weeks after the month close. 

  • Winner can use credits for either indeed postings and/or indeed' s resume database.

  • You will have access to use the indeed credits immediately once awarded, AND HAVE ACCESS TO INDEED FOR 30 DAYS AFTERWARDS. Any unused credits will be forfeited. 

  • If there is a tie the fist person to get the next interview request in the following month wins. 

  • Your entries will be verified by HireResources 

  • A single Member can not win more the once in a three month period. If this happens the runner-up will receive the credits

Payout is based on the total number of first interview requests that you receive on your candidates for the month! (Candidates do NOT have to conduct the interview, on receive an interview request by the client to qualify) The Member who has the most first interview requests wins!

  • Qualifier is 3 client interview requests for the month 

  • 3 interview requests $100.00 

  • 4-5 interview requests $150.00 

  • 6 interview requests $200.00

  • 7-9 interview requests $250.00 

  • 10 or more $300.00 

HireResources is not obligated to payout if Members do not complete the form below or the minimum qualifier in not reached. 

How many 1st interview requests from clients did you receive last month? 











Thank you - we are rooting for you! Good luck :-) 

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