A well-written and timely follow-up letter will enable you to make a positive impression and show your genuine interest in the position. It is an example of both your work habits and writing skills.


To gain full advantage of this opportunity, here are a few points to consider:


  • Send the letter as soon as possible. This allows you to convey a sense of urgency and a high interest level in the opportunity. Ideally, your letter should go out the next day.

  • Be as brief as possible. It shows respect for other’s time.

  • The body of the letter should address four main points:


  1. Thank them for their time.

  2. Express interest and enthusiasm towards the company and position.

  3. Highlight experiences/ accomplishments that amplify your qualifications, using the manager’s own words from the interview.

  4. Ask for the next interview.


Have someone carefully proofread your letter, then e-mail it in MS Word to your Executive Search Consultant for a final proof (we ask you to do this in order to avoid a letter being sent out that does not represent you well!). They will make any corrections or suggestions. Once you and your Consultant have agreed that the letter is ready to be sent, sign a hard copy, and drop it in the mail.


Sending thank you letters via e-mail is on the impersonal side, so we recommend avoiding e-mailed thank you letters, unless it is necessary due to timing or special circumstances.


Example Follow up letters: 





Mr. John Smith

Vice President

XYZ Company

1234 South Street

Anywhere, OH 12345


Dear Mr. Smith:


I appreciate the time spent with you discussing XYZ Company and the ___________ position.  It was a pleasure meeting with you, _________ and _________. I feel my qualifications and skill set in________, ________, and___________ reflect those necessary to be successful at XYZ Company.


At ABC Corporation, I successfully installed a state of the art __________ system on time and under budget, as well as managed a staff of up to fifteen professionals and clerks. I am confident that I have the experience and drive to successfully manage the________ Department.


 I feel an even greater excitement level about the opportunity because it will allow me to attain my goals of_______, _______ and________.


I look forward to our next meeting to discuss this opportunity in greater detail.




Michael Brown





Mr. John Smith

Vice President

XYZ Company

1234 South Street

Anywhere, OH 12345


Dear Mr. Smith:

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the operations manager position with you this morning. Our conversation gave me a better understanding of both XYZ Company and the requirements of the role.

The additional information from Max and Kathryn was incredibly helpful in gaining a better perspective of the position. I am confident that I am an excellent candidate for the Quality Assurance Auditor position at XYZ. My diverse accounting background, along with my broad-based experience in the automotive industry, will allow me successfully to make a positive contribution to your team.

I enjoyed meeting the office staff and touring the facility. This is clearly a quality organization with an emphasis on efficiency and a dedication to teamwork. I would consider it a privilege to join your team, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Again, thank you for your time and consideration.



Your name 

Contact information (Phone & email address)

This is a sample letter to help get you started. You may customize yours to reflect what is relevant to your interview. If you need assistance with preparing your thank you letter, then do not hesitate to call your Executive Search Consultant for assistance. They will be happy to help you with it!

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