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Preparing your candidate for an interview:

  • Confirm the time and date of the scheduled interview with the candidate

  • Make sure they have done their homework.       

    • Know who the hiring manager is and their background, and who he/she reports.

    • Go to their LinkedIn page and send them in introduction invite. This helps to make a pre-introduction and tell the interviewer you are doing your preparation and taking the process seriously.

    • Go to their website and know their product and/or services offered (Value Proposition)

  • If this is the first interview with the Hiring Manager that you will not know what they specifically say or ask. If you have scheduled interviews with the Hiring Manager before than hopefully you will know what they say, their style, and preferences so you can better prepare your candidate.

  • Go over the Companies growth, news releases or anything that makes them stand out from the competition.

  • Tell your candidate

    • How others have interviewed successfully

    • What traits the company looks for in a successful candidate

    • Give them an idea of the Hiring Managers personality (likes and dislikes)

    • Talk about the culture, dress, and personality of the Company

    • Make sure they arrive early for the interview and walk in only 5-10 minutes beforehand, NO earlier. Wait in the parking lot and mentally prepare yourself.

    • Tell them be yourself and focus on your past accomplishments

    • Make sure they talk about next steps; an easy way is to end with:

      • Complementing the company

      • Saying,” I’m being very selective in my job search, this role is of high interest, when are you available to schedule another meeting?”

      • I want this job and I’m excited about the possibility of working together.

    • Money, should not be discussed but if it is, talk about how this should be handled.

      • I’m more concerned about the Company fit, long term career path than compensation. I’m confident if we both are interested in moving forward you would offer a strong and attractive offer.

    • Follow up

      • Tell them to call you immediately after the interview. Before driving home!

      • Make sure they craft a thank you letter after the interview. Reference out preparation page for examples.

  • Make sure you send them a link to our Candidate Preparation page.


FYI: For sales roles ALWAYS have the candidate ask for the next meeting and close them the next steps, at least attempt. 

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