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Taking the order and guiding the call:


General Information: 

  • Tell me about why you joined the company? 

  • Tell me about the future of Vidyo? Investors etc... 

  • Why would someone leave their position and want to join Vidyo? 

  • How many opening do you currently have? 

  • What is your most challenging positions to fill? 

  • What territories need our attention first? 

  • Will we have access to the hiring Managers? 

  • What is your hiring process? Details 

  • What is the typical DNA of your sales people? 

  • Why is role open? Growth, replacement, etc... 


Learning about the job: 

  • is this role more inside or outside sales? 

  • More cold calling or building existing accounts?

  • Tell me about the sales process? 

  • What is the quota?

  • How many new Logos do they sign in a quarter / annual?

  • What is the average commit? dollars and seats?

  • What market are they selling to? Mid, Enterprise?

  • What is the industry focus? 

  • Location? Remote?

  • how much travel?

  • Farming - Where do top reps come from? Company names

  • Compensation - base, OTE, equity? 

  • What is the ramp up period? 

  • Do you promote from within? Career path for the candidate? 

Company Insight (Research):


     I was attracted to the company because: 

  • Industry ...

  • growth

  • impressive Venture capital backing. We only represent companies with the right backing and success profile! 


Our process: 

  • We require feedback on resume subs within 48 hours 

  • A call with the interviewing Manager within 24 hours of an interview. 

  • 30 min call with hiring manager before starting a new search 

  • 25% of base - 30 day 1 candidate replacement (Or best terms possible)


Companies we work with in the space: 

  • Example: Clearslide, BrainShark , BlueJean, Brightedge, ThinkingPhones, 

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