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Fresh Start

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Getting Started 

Welcome aboard!

We are glad to have you in our growing network of recruitment professionals. There are many things needed to start a successful recruitment and/or sales desk. First you need to get your email going and update all your social feeds to make HireResources known to your community.  We have listed some of the steps below to assist you in this process. Work with your Team Leader to get all these details completed before you start any of the heavy lifting. We are confident you will become a very productive member of the team quickly.

General set-up:


Business Development / Sales: 

  • Selecting a niche

  • Tools / Social networking 

  • ATS Bullhorn 

  • Social networking 

  • Ongoing training 

  • Goal setting and activity 

  • Google Docs 

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Setting up you email

If you have a .io domain email go to and log into your account. 

Adding Gmail to Outlook is easy too, simply go through the Gmail sign in process.

Login name is your email address. use the following: 

Your email address is your first name a dot (.) Last name followed by


Your password is:

Hire. Followed by your initials, dot (.) the year you were born.


Example: Hire.DM1978 (Case Sensitive)


Note: Until you have your email up we have set up a “forward” on our servers, this means all your emails will be forwarded to your personal email that you have been using. Once your email is set up simply ask your team leader to remove the forward.

Web Mail: To retrieve your email messages from a browser, go to:  


Getting your Mail Set up: SMTP


Server: ( port 587 )


POP Server: ( port 110 )


Outgoing Server Requires SMTP Authentication Manual setup


  1. Open Outlook 2016.

  2. Click File.

  3. Click Info.

  4. Click Add Account.

  5. Choose Manual setup or additional server types.

  6. Choose POP or IMAP.

  7. Enter the following settings when prompted:


  • Your Name: Your name (example: John Smith) 

  • Email Address: 

  • Account Type: IMAP 

  • Incoming mail server: 

  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): 

  • User Name:

  • Password: Your password

  • Remember Password: Checked (recommended)

  • Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA): Unchecked (recommended)

  • My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication: Checked

  • Incoming Server (IMAP Port): 143

  • Use the following type of encrypted connection (Incoming): Disabled

  • Outgoing Server (SMTP Port): 587

  • Use the following type of encrypted connection (Outgoing): Disabled Learn how to configure Outlook for this mailbox

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Updating LinkedIn

Creating a great LinkedIn Headline 

Your LinkedIn headline is one of the most important things on you profile. When you are sending out messages to both sales prospects and candidates this is the first people will see.


It should include the industry or industries you're targeting.


Example: if you are going to be targeting sales Manufacturing it should read something like "Manufacturing Talent Recruiter, specializing in engineering, supply chain, quality and accounting." 

When pointing your employer make sure you connect LinkedIn with HireResources, all one word, you will see our blue logo. 

Feel free to use any copy from the Executives LinkedIn profiles, Corporate LinkedIn profile or our Corporate public website.  

Notify your LinkedIn community

Once you have updated your LinkedIn profile now it's time to notify all your first degree connections of your new role at HireResources. This will give you additional exposure without much work! 



make it a point to search your network and send out LinkedIn messages to everyone in your network that may be a potential client for HireResources. CEO's, CFO's, Owners, Partners, VP's, Directors, etc... Anyone in a desision making role should receive a letter from you about possibly using HireResources. 

Bio & Professional Photo 

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You bio is an important part of our website. Creating a good bio is easy. First review others on our web site and use them for inspiration. A good bio is a short paragraph about your professional experience and why someone would want to work with you. 

Let's take Liz for an example:


I emboldened some areas that you could use as a guideline:

Elizabeth Kaufman has joined HireResources as a Managing Partner.  Most recently, Liz has been working as a Career Management and Recruiting Consultant but she began her career as a Human Resources professional where she successfully built and ran HR departments, designed and implemented key recruitment programs, and staffed entire departments for several start-up companies in CT and NY. 


Her background also includes account management, business operations, partnership growth, and cultivating long-lasting relationships in support of bottom-line success.  With more than 15 years of experience in corporate, agency, contract recruiting, and HR management, Liz has gained in-depth knowledge of the current job markets and trends as well as a deep understanding of what employers are really looking for in today’s candidates.  


Liz holds a BS in English from the University of Connecticut and an MS in Human Resource Development from the University of Bridgeport.  She currently resides in Bridgewater CT with her husband, Sean and yellow lab, Molly.

Profile & Website Photo: 

This is a tricky one and very important subject. people make decisions based on your appearance and photo. I know we do not want think it is so but in real life it makes a difference. Keep you photo clear and professional, this is the image you are making to candidates and new business prospects. Below is a sample of a good professional photo, a nice smile, professional clothing, clean background, and very simple. 

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Internal Networking

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One of the first goals of a new Member should be to contact as many people in the group and make yourself known. This is the first step in building strong relationships with others on the team. Network with others in and outside of your team. We have included some topics that you may want to discuss with other Members. You can access all our Members contact information from the home page of the website. 

  • Your background in recruitment or sales 

  • What you can do to help them fill more jobs or get clients to support their desk

  • What are some of their current hiring needs? 

  • Ask them about their clients business and industry the work

  • Identify synergies that can assist both parties at achieving your goals 

  • Get to know each other and have fun with it! 


General rules on Submitting Candidates to other Members. 


Workplace is a private internal social site that acts as a billboard for us to collaborate, inform, chat, and share information with each other You will find it a valuable and time saving way to interact with your team and other Members. 

Your Team Leader will add your email address to this account and you will be notified via email to create a password and log into your account. 

As in a social networking sites please us caution when posting comments and adding new posts. We want it to be a open discussion and you to feel free to add content but use good business judgment. Remember when you post to the Corporate groups that post and all the comments will be sent to the entire company.


Please do not post things like "I will be away from my desk for the afternoon" to the Company groups. That is okay for team groups or direct emails. Again, use common sense.

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Selecting a niche

Selecting a niche is very important to starting a successful new desk. If you have an industry focus already that is great, if not than some things to consider while you select a good focus are:


  • Is the niche growing?

  • Is there a need for recruitment services and a shortage of good candidates in this industry? 

  • Am I networked into that niche already?

  • How may companies are in this industry? 

  • How can I join networking and associations within this industry to get BD leads and/or candidates

  • Do I have knowledge of this industry that I can use or do I need to learn it from scratch? 

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Zoho ATS

Learning how Zoho works will take some time if you never used the system before. We recommend take it in bite sized chunks. Work with your Team leader to first understand the key elements of the system. 


  • Logging into Zoho

  • Viewing open jobs 

  • Viewing and searching for candidates

  • Adding new candidates  

  • Assigning your name to candidate profiles 

  • Adding notes to candidate profiles

  • Submitting candidates to Members and clients 

  • Adding new Companies 

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Tools / Social networking

Some of the online tools we use for recruiting and sourcing for candidates are listed below for your reference.



    • Member support ​their own LinkedIn. We recommend using either Sales Navigator, Recruiter Lite, or Recruiter products from LinkedIn. Consult with your support person for strategies and techniques for LinkedIn. 

  • ZipRecruiter

    • Ask your support person to get you a password

    • You will be receiving a link from ZipRecruiter under Bold Talent, to get a password. The rules for posting on Zip are easy, post as many jobs as you would like, but make sure you set HireResources as seen below.

    • They will post to our website, LinkedIn, and many other places on the intent so be careful what you post, thank you.

    • Regarding the ZipRecruiter resume database, we have a maximum of 250 resume contact information views per month, we CAN NOT DILUTE THIS TO ZERO, once the account goes to 50 we MUST STOP using the account until it renews for the next month. Our partner Bold Talent reserves those 50 to use at their discretion. This is important to keep our partnership with them healthy.


    • Hiring Solved pulls resumes from across the web and social sites. It will also provide you with email address of candidates too. 

    • Username:

    • Password: Make_Placements


    • A great resource for posting jobs and searching for candidates. Currently we do not have an account with indeed. Members support this resource. ​

  • Google Extensions 

    • ​We encourage all Members to use Google Chrome for browsing and searching on the web. One of the main reasons for this is extensions. Google has a ton a valuable tools available (Some are free) that can help you in many ways. Plase refer to the video below for accessing and using Google extensions.   

Play Video

  • Some great Google Apps/Extensions 

    • Lusha

    • AutoTextExpander 

    • Contactout 

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Ongoing Training 

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HireResources is a strong believer in ongoing training. If you practice like an All-Star you will succeed like one too. HireResources has weekly scheduled training sessions that cover an array topics from basic to the most complex recruiting and sales methods / techniques 

The market is always changing and keeping up with the modern trends will position us as a true valued partner in the recruitment and talent space. We are always looking for people that have this same goal and want to position themselves within HireResources as an adviser to others. Sharing knowledge and assisting others is the backbone of HireResources and your involvement and commitment in this process will be noticed.  


Get involved, help others, and be innovative! 

Goal Setting & Activity

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