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Recruiting tools we recommend 

Tools / Social networking

Some of the online tools we use for recruiting and sourcing for candidates are listed below for your reference.



    • HireResources Members support ​their own LinkedIn. We recommend using either Sales Navigator, Recruiter Lite, or Recruiter products from LinkedIn. Consult with your support person for strategies and techniques. 

  • ZipRecruiter

    • Ask your support person to get you a password

    • You will be receiving a link from ZipRecruiter under Bold Talent, to get a password. The rules for posting on Zip are easy, post as many jobs as you would like, but make sure you set HireResources as seen below.

    • They will post to our website, LinkedIn, and many other places on the intent so becareful what you post, thank you.

    • Regarding the ZipRecruiter resume database, we have a maximum of 250 resume contact information views per month, we CAN NOT DILUTE THIS TO ZERO, once the account goes to 50 we MUST STOP using the account until it renews for the next month. Our partner Bold Talent reserves those 50 to use at their discretion. This is important to keep our partnership with them healthy.


    • Hiring Solved pulls resumes from across the web and social sites. It will also provide you with email address of candidates too. 

    • Username:

    • Password: Make_Placements


    • A great resource for posting jobs and searching for candidates. Currently we do not have an account with indeed. Members support this resource. ​

  • Google Extensions 

    • ​We encourage all Members to use Google Chrome for browsing and searching on the web. One of the main reasons for this is extensions. Google has a ton a valuable tools available (Some are free) that can help you in many ways. Plase refer to the video below for accessing and using Google extensions.   ​


Play Video


  • Some great Google Apps/Extensions 

    • Lusha

    • AutoTextExpander 

    • Contactout 

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